Celebrant For All Reasons

  Michelle Wright 

Ceremony Services Provided


This is often a time of stress and sorrow for immediate family members. My role as your celebrant is to converse with those involved to prepare the funeral ceremony. I will ask open questions about the person who has passed, about how you would like the ceremony to flow, what nature of readings and/or songs, or live contributions to include, other family members or friends and what they may wish to offer into the service, and any other matters and suggestions that we need to work on together to make a marvelous ceremony in a short space of time. I have a quick mind and can assimilate a lot of information with good perception and feeling. I have a good track record of putting together effective and moving ceremonies, so can promise that the one we create together will be an honourable way of fare-welling the departed with dignity and respect.


For couples making such a profound commitment to each other, this is your special day! And the marriage ceremony needs to absolutely reflect your wishes and hopes about your lives together and all that you value about each other, your relationship and your future. We will discuss openly all the ideas you have about the ceremony; the location, the nature and flow of it, the people and readings and/or songs that you would like included and everything that matters in the compilation of a fantastic ceremony. I am very good at facilitating such things, and have helped many couples already – even with their vows. We all have deep feelings and sentiments about each other, but often have difficulty putting them into writing or voice, so I can help you with this too. I love good content and choreography and can promise that your wedding day will be complemented very well by the ceremony we compose together.

   Transition Ceremonies:

These are a very particular kind of ceremony, different for each occasion. They are performed to mark a significant life transition and are a more intimate ceremony, usually with close family and friends. It can be to celebrate the teenager who is leaving home and going to university in another city, beginning a whole new journey in their life. Or a person who suddenly finds themselves alone after a relationship break-up may wish to have a ceremony to signify the beginning of a new phase in their life, and to gather strength and support from friends and family. There are all sorts of reasons why a transition ceremony can be done. We would work together to prepare a very specific ceremony that meets the needs of the occasion, the person, and all other parties involved. I love preparing individual ceremonies and can share ideas and suggestions that can help make them a very special occasion indeed.

House Blessings:

Throughout history, in its many different cultures and traditions, people have held ceremonies or rituals to offer support for others moving into a new dwelling. It has been as simple as a gift of rice or sugar, or as elaborate and sacred as prayers and chants by religious leaders. All these things help cleanse any unfortunate energies of the past and energise the new home with good will and warmest wishes for a happy and prosperous future. Whatever your beliefs or values, I can work with you to create a ceremony that is perfect for your situation.

 Pet Ceremonies:

So many of us now wish to farewell our beloved pets with dignity. We can work together to create a ceremony that includes family and friends, enabling all to say goodbye with love, affection and gratitude.